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Our milestones

We don’t only have big dreams…
we make them happen.

To support our pursuit to not only scale up our business but to also change the industry, we have secured various partners and have since signed contracts with Transnet Group, PetroSA and Petromoc (Mozambique) for infrastructure and commercial agreements.

We have trading accounts with Transnet Pipeline and PetroSA. This gives us direct access to the pipeline and storage facilities.

NHE is also in negotiations to refurbish some of the dormant and derelict storages and is in the process of feasibility study prefacing the building of its own inland storage.

Transnet Freight Rail: NHE has a trading account that gives us the rail network in the SADC countries. We are able to move 1 500 000+ litres of petroleum at one go, using a single block train that makes it a virtual pipeline. If you have other commodities you need to move, we could also assist.